Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Inagural Post.

Welcome to Retrogaze! A blog dedicated to game development, games in general, and a place for me to also showcase my collection for sale and such. You are probably thinking, who am I and why does it matter that I am starting this blog.

Well, my name is Raymond Weiss and I am mostly a musician and game designer from NYC. While throughout life I have generally been mildly successful with music, games have always been my one true passion ever since I first played Rush 'N Attack as a kid for the NES. Game development has been something I have been struggling to learn for 2 years now and I figured it was about time I started venting about it publicly.

Right now I currently have 3 games in development. (follow HERE on git)

Adversary for the NES (ON HOLD): A donkey kong like platformer with some sword fighting and improved mechanics.

Pickett for the PC (In Development): A game trying to cope with my traumatic experiences at summer camp as a kid. A horror meets earthbound RPG/VN with roguelike features.

Goober Expedition: (ON HOLD)  A simple GameMaker game in which the player jumps over obstacles that get harder to avoid as you get more points jumping over enemies.

Other than that, I have 2 games that I have finished, but they are pen and paper rpgs. They are called Everything Is Dolphins, & Cyberpanky N.O.W. which you can find by googling.

Anyway, I hope I've said enough to explain what is to come with this blog. Happy to also have my friends write reviews or other related things if they wish.

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